Apostolic Community



1. Of or relating to an apostle, sent forth as emissaries, messengers, ambassadors of the Kingdom of God to change cultures and father the generations.


1. A group of people walking out their destiny in the context of deep life giving relationships each investing their piece and together gaining the whole.


/ˌapəˈstälik/ + /kəˈmyo͞onədē/
A group, family, tribe living together in dynamic relationship and sent forth to radically impact the world by shifting atmospheres and changing culture, fathering the nations and bringing heaven to earth individually and globally.

We are committed to building an apostolic community with the mission
of LIVING in God’s presence, LOVING people, and TRANSFORMING the world around us.

There are seven core areas that we focus on to ensure that this mission is accomplished within our body. These are the DNA of Convergence & the authority by which we live.

7 Core Areas of DNA & Authority

Adoration, celebration, exaltation – a lifestyle of pursuing, fostering, and experiencing the presence of God – both as individuals and in corporate gatherings – to place God first.