Inner Healing & Wholeness

Healing, Wholeness, Destiny and Purpose…
WHAT is that “thing” that always seems to find its way into your life?
WHAT is it that keeps you from stepping through the doors of opportunity that arise and causes you to “self-destruct” just before they open?
God wants a deep, heart-to-heart relationship with each of us. He knows that wholeness and holiness go hand-in-hand and wants to reveal Himself in new ways every day.
We have teams of trained volunteers available to meet with you and help you identify and remove the blockages in your relationship with God and others.

How do I request ministry?
1. Complete a ministry request form.
Click here to download. Fill out the form and email to These can also be found in the foyer of the church or in the church office.
2. Begin the personal ministry process with a team. Following initial contact with our ministry staff, an assignment will be made to the Transformations Team best suited to the needs of the person requesting ministry.

We believe that making an investment in your healing empowers you to take ownership of your process, so you are encouraged to invest in your healing by making a minimum donation of $50 per session. Your donation will be used to build this ministry as well as to support and train our team members. Any contribution above the suggested donation is tax deductible. You are worth the investment of our team members’ time and ministry, and personal ministry is available to anyone desiring it, regardless of ability to pay.

Downloadable Resources
Healing The Orphan Heart Powerpoint
Breaking Agreements Worksheet
Confessions to Confront Fear

We have an enemy who is intent on stealing our true identity and warping our understanding of God. These classes offer insight into the enemy’s strategies and share truth about who God wants to be for us.

Classes are on the second Saturday of every other month, 9:30-11:30am in Fellowship Hall.
NO registration is required for adult classes.

Childcare is available upon request 7 days prior to class. Please register HERE for childcare.