Media Request

Convergence Media Request Form



The media & communication department is here to partner with you in communicating about your event. There are several ways we can help. Typically we start with creating & design, from there we have a few directions like print materials, online strategies & video. During this process we will create a promotion & marketing strategy for your event.

Fully complete our online event approval form. If there is any detailed information missing from your request we will contact you and will need it before we can start any of our processes.

We would prefer to have 2-4 weeks of creation and strategy before the start of event promotion. For example if your event is approved for June 1 we would prefer to start promoting by early May, which means our creation and design process would have started in early to mid April. While this is not always the case it seems to work the best whenever possible.


Conferences & Large All Church Events – 3-4 months (Typically would include the majority of options listed below) Exceptions apply so please don’t hesitate to ask if you may not fit within the time frames.

Smaller One Day Events or Trainings – 6-8 weeks (This allows us 2 weeks of creating & strategy and 4 weeks of promotion)

1. Graphic Design & Approval (print & digital) – 2-4 weeks for completion
2. Print Options
– Postcards – 1-2 week from order to delivery
– Bulletin ( & Insert) – 2-3 weeks OR 4-5 weeks (if monthly bulletin)
– T-Shirts – 3-4 Weeks
– Others Small Format Options – 2 weeks from order to delivery
3. Online Options
– Email Blast – 2 weeks
– Website – 1-2 weeks
– Church App – 1-2 weeks
– Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) – 1-2 weeks
4. Video Options
– Weekly Video Announcements – 2-3 weeks
– Promo Video – Depends on content, but would prefer at least 4 weeks


All LIVE SOUND/VIDEO request, we would prefer 2-4 weeks before. This allows us to scheduled the best team for your event.

Some of the options above may require paying a qualified team member. The rates will be discussed prior to your event.

As stated above we prefer you work within the guidelines and time frame stated above. If by chance you cannot meet these deadlines, we can not guarantee proper promotion and scheduling for your event. We will work to do our best with the time frame we are allowed.

Please include all design concepts and preferred event branding for faster returns. (logo ideas, colors palettes or samples)

Once we have an approved and fully completed event form we will create a Basecamp Project for you and Google Drive Folder for all materials to be exchanged.

Please try and be as prompt as possible during the design approval process for best results.

We are truly honored to work with you and your team. Our team is committed to ‘Go Make Him Famous’ through each event and service we do at Convergence Church.

If you have any questions please contact the amazing Holly at