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Prophetic Words over our Region


God is going to transform His Church in Texas. And God’s going to bring the Church together in Texas. And it’s going to become worldwide news. It’s going to be on CNN. It’s going to be on BBC. And they’re going to say, “The Christians in Texas are coming together for Love.” – Heidi Baker


I believe some extraordinary things are going to happen in Dallas-Fort Worth area. I do believe that extraordinary things are going to happen in the whole wide region, and I believe that the hand of God is on the whole state for something powerful to emerge. – Graham Cooke


Something is happening right now for you to build thousands. I saw moving from plus sign to the multiplication sign. We’re moving from reproducing songs, to reproducing fathers, to reproducing daughters, to reproducing mothers. – Kris Vallotton


Get ready to expand, equip, empower, influence, and impart like never before. I have anointed you for buildings and lands. I saw a new campus. I saw an apartment type building to house students from around the world. – David Wagner