Convergence Church exists to encounter Jesus and transform cities with His power and love.

At Convergence our desire is for everyone to encounter Jesus. As we encounter Him, we are transformed and sent on assignment to reveal His power and His love to those around us.


We are a community of people passionate about the leadership of Jesus, walking in the gifts of the Spirit, young and old hearing His voice and prophesying, making disciples, and every man, woman, and child being activated in the ministry God has called them to.


We have a conviction that the local church should not just be a weekend gathering to attend but it should be a family that people belong to and a place where we pursue Jesus together.

Why Convergence?

“Convergence is not simply a name for us. It is a Kingdom reality that we are all beginning to experience together. The name “convergence” signifies that worshippers of Jesus are coming together AS ONE, and declares the merging together of the Spirit and the Word … the King with His bride … heaven with earth.”


two or more things coming together to make one to tend toward or achieve union or a common conclusion or result

meet our pastors

Andrew & Emily Fish

Andrew and Emily are passionate about building a community that is centered on the presence of Jesus and encounters with Him. Their hearts burn for the local church to flourish in discipleship, the leadership of Jesus, hearing His voice, and transforming the city around them. They desire to see the generations young and old discipled into family. Andrew’s parents, Steve and Marci Fish, became pastors of Convergence when Andrew was just two months old. Andrew has been at Convergence for basically his entire life and has been involved in a number of different roles over the years leading up to becoming Senior Pastor alongside his wife Emily in June 2022. He graduated from Convergence School of Supernatural Ministry in 2011. They are grateful for the legacy of still getting to lead alongside Andrew’s parents, who were pastors for 32 years. Andrew and Emily have a beautiful daughter Adaline, a son Caleb and four precious babies in Heaven.


Our values help define our culture at Convergence.

  • PRESENCE  – We pursue the presence of Jesus first in everything we do. 
  • COMMUNICATION  – We commit to clear, timely communication that values our vision, our culture, and our relationships.
  • GENEROSITY – We give our time and resources abundantly out of a heart of love.
  • AUTHENTICITY  – We create an atmosphere for people to be open and honest by leading in vulnerability and transparency.
  • HONOR  – We create a culture of honor by speaking honorable words, engaging in courageous conversations, and valuing honest feedback.
  • HEALTH  – We cultivate health by prioritizing His presence, caring for our hearts, our bodies, families, and relationships.
  • EMPOWERMENT  – We create a culture where everyone is empowered to live in the fullness of their identity, gifts, and leadership.
  • EXCELLENCE – We take ownership and responsibility for everything we do to put forth our best.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY  – We remain accountable to each other to pursue purity, integrity, honor, and humility.
  • CELEBRATION  – We make time to share testimonies, celebrate wins and have fun!

Our Vision

Convergence exists to encounter Jesus and transform cities with His power and love.


  • A people that pursue the presence of Jesus
  • A people that rise above the noise of culture
  • A people that stand for His righteousness
  • A people that walk in the fullness of the gospel
  • A people empowered to be ministers through the Holy Spirit
  • A people that walk in the gifts of the Spirit
  • A people that prophesy
  • A people that know they are sent
  • A people that love those around them
  • A people that are willing to stand for the truth of God’s word
  • A people that run together in the context of spiritual family
  • A people that disciple the generations (young and old) into greater intimacy and purpose
  • A people that call the bride to join together in unity
  • A people that know they belong
  • A people that hate evil but cling to what is good
  • A people that know their identity as sons and daughters